Part/Full time game devs needed

Hi all,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are looking to collaborate with PlayCanvas developers to help us create games. We will share a sizeable amount of the game revenue with the developer. How much the developer will earn is based on how much revenue the games generate and how much the developer contributes towards the game.

Contact us at -

Our website -

Please email us at the address above.

Thanks and Regards,

@coderMACi5 from Renegade Lab Studios


Heh how about this I make you guys a custom made website made by me hand by hand code by code.And you help me advetise my game,sound cool?

Do you guys promote or help other game devs work on projects? If so, I have a few games, but mainly, I want to expand on my shared game, PolyBrawl. I share the ownership with @Werdie_Alt, but it would help to know where I could probably get more recognition. What sites do you guys prefer to use for selling / gaining recognition for your games?

Also, I’d be more free around the summer, and I have many cool ideas, if you guys want to help. Might also create a few sites for my games, so there’s that.

Let’s talk further on Discord about this. Maybe our devs could also help improve PolyBrawl before we publish on a platform.

We’ll certainly help out.

We already have a website, why don’t we take a look at your game? Do you mean Matrexball?

Yessir I do

Please send me a separate DM from the current one, explaining when our devs can take a look at your game.