Parse Button Confusion

When I create a script there is a button named parse, what does this do, I can’t seem to figure it out.

The parse button will essentially read the script and look for the name of the script (the string passed inside pc.createScript) and also it will look for any script attributes that you might have declared.

When you add/remove/modify script attributes you should click Parse so that the Editor can be updated and show you input fields for the values of those script attributes on the script component.

Mk thanks, I might as well continue another question I have. When I get a script, that is fully functional, it will not operate. I could show you the script and some screen shots of what I am trying to do. Here you go. Ill apply link to it.

Having a quick look at your Flood project and it’s the same problem I highlighted in this thread: Character Movement and Camera

You are using the legacy scripts rather than ‘new’ scripting system. This is why pretty much all the scripts don’t work in your project.

Unfortunately, the Google search in the documentation sometimes gives you results about the legacy system (which you can usually tell by looking at the URL and it has the word ‘legacy’ there somewhere).