Parallax corrected environment maps

Look amazing:

Would be a kick-ass addon to the PBR stuff

This feature is planned and will be integrated into the engine soon (both sphere and box correction).
Prefiltered cubemap generation is already there, but not reachable from editor yet.

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Whoop whoop! Very cool! (ps sorry for the long post, I just pasted the link and somehow the forum put the actual content of the blogpost?)

Here’s the final version of the first link:

Is this here yet? Also, what about the PBR integration in the designer? Thx.

Hi @Mate. So we have a demo that incorporates this being unveiled in the next week. The implementation currently resides in a custom version of the PlayCanvas Engine but it will be integrated into the GitHub repo very soon. So no, it’s not here yet, but we are so, so close. :smile:

As for PBR integration into the editor, again, we are working on this. Expect to see movement of this in the next few weeks. Thanks for chasing these items up with us. Rest assured, we’re working hard on this.

Hey Will, Thanks for the answer, excited to see that test.

Being an artist and not a coder, I can pretty much only wait for the features to be integrated in the Designer, or for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it code-wise. I think there are a lot of people like me, who would bring kick-ass visuals to playcanvas, if those state-of-the-art features would be exposed in a GUI.

Playcanvas is technically really advanced, compared to other WebGL engines, but it’s a bit hard to access for a non-programmer. I think it would give the platform a boost if there’d be more design-oriented folks making use of the cool features. Can’t wait for PBR and the like to be available in an easy/ier fashion.

Keep up the great work!


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If you check the github repo, you’ll see the features that made this demo possible are all PR’d and will start getting deployed in the next week.

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Very exciting indeed

Did this ever get implemented? I can’t seem to find any ref to it in the docs

the box projection was done.

this example uses it