[PAID] WebGL game for government awareness campaign


We are looking to propose a mobile-first WebGL game for a government road safety awareness campaign.

As part of this proposal, we want to present a proof of concept to our client and have been looking at a number of platforms to deliver this.

We came across PlayCanvas and the Swerve game, SWERVE: PlayCanvas' latest WebGL game!, which would be an ideal starting point for the concept we have come up especially given we have a rather short window to deliver this. However, we can’t find the same access to Swerve code as we can for say Swoop on the platform.

We’ve tried to contact PlayCanvas directly but have had no response.

1/ Does anyone remember seeing the code for Swerve available and how it might be accessible now?
2/ Would any developer be interested in a (paid) project to firstly provide a simple reskin for the game for the POC and then if we get the go-ahead some relatively small changes to the game mechanics to match our requirements for the final build?

As a government awareness campaign, this will reach a huge audience so there’s obviously a large brand awareness opportunity for PlayCanvas here too.

Many Thanks



We at Renegade Lab Studios could help you out. Could you please give us access to your project? The username is ultimateaerocoder. Also please let us know the payment details via PM.