[PAID] [REMOTE] Looking for a PlayCanvas developer to help create a virtual gallery


My name is Alex and I am creating a virtual gallery for this exhibition here.

I have basic 3D skills in Blender (modeling, UV mapping) and I am looking to work with someone who can bridge the gap to PlayCanvas.

The game will be single-player and include a hidden room that can be accessed by finding a secret button. The tasks for this role include lighting, audio, game mechanics (very simple interactions) and possibly UI if needed.

I will model the scene in 3D and clearly express the details of the project over an initial zoom call. We can discuss the scope of the project, expected timeline and payment details. Please send me a message or email at alexsut99(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss further details.


Hello i already work in virtual gallery, single player third controller. Let have meeting to discuss it more deeply.

Hi, Alex. I have worked on similar project. You can check the site https://musee.art/