[PAID] PlayCanvas Developer

Dear All,

We are working on to develop online game and in the need of experienced Playcanvas developer.

Will be able to share more details once we have email id.

Please let me know if you are interested to talk.

Thank you

Hi @Bhavik_Patel,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are a game development studio who specialize in WebGL games developed using PlayCanvas, and we are also skilled in modern web development using technologies such as Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Our team has been working on PlayCanvas for several years now, and have developed various games and web apps, both independent, as well as for well-known names in the game development industry such as Koji Games. Our work and more information about the organization is available at https://www.renegadelabstudios.com .

Due to our team’s diverse skillset and industry experience in developing WebGL games, we believe that our organization can help you, and by leveraging our experience in PlayCanvas, we can quickly design and develop the game based on your requirements.

We hope to hear from you soon, you can contact us at renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com.

Hello @Bhavik_Patel and welcome! Is this a paid position or are you looking for voluntary collaboration?


I have started email thread

Thank you

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Hi Albertos,

This is paid work.

Thank you

Thank you! I have moved your topic to the right section.