[PAID] Need high level designers / developers for an ambitious project


Hey, my name is Nick and I’m looking for freelance / contract developers to work on an ambitious project. I work as a Software Development Manager at a large translations company, but I’ve managed to raise funding for this project and will be working on it over the next year.

Game Info

Title: Not finalized, but currently: Royale
Genre: Online Gambling
Play Style: First / Third Person
Platform: Browser / PlayCanvas
Graphics Style: Realistic
Game Engine: PlayCanvas
Server: Undetermined, probably AWS

Game Description:

We are looking to build a 3D online (mmo-ish) casino, where players can interact with each other and various casino games (poker, slots, blackjack, etc) against the house and each other using Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin / Ethereum). The game itself is built in PlayCanvas but the games are scripted on the Ethereum Blockchain. This job posting is strictly for the game development, not for any Blockchain engineering.

Game Elements:

  • Player characters
  • Player customization
  • Casino environment
  • Various Casino Games

From what I can tell, this will involve animation, modeling, scripting and a little environment art (depending).


I work on this project outside of work hours, and will be reviewing all commits. We need developers who know what they are doing, and can make high level calls to determine the best approach to achieving the vision of the game that we are aiming for. We would like developers who can move the project forward, so if you can do full-time that would be excellent, but if you can only work part time don’t be afraid to apply.

We are looking for quality developers, so having a portfolio (especially work on PlayCanvas) helps greatly.


Please reach out to me over email: nkmlombardi@gmail.com

Tell me a little about yourself and the work you’ve done (preferably in JavaScript). I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.


Wanted to give this thread a bump as we are looking for additional developers to join the team. Please feel free to reach out to me as we’ve begun the project. Thanks!

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