(PAID) Need developer to create configurator tool

I am looking for someone with strong PlayCanvas skills and web developer experience (LAMP).

I have a product configurator that is currently 2d (flat image) and would like to change to 3d using PlayCanvas.

My company builds kayaks etc with 20 color options and graphics that can be applied.

Once the desired result is reached, we must create an order for a web-based inventory system using the data (ie: Model, colors, graphics) with a 3d version for viewing and a flat printable version for the paint department.

My plan is to find someone we can hire for an initial test of the project, next step is we build for production if we have proof of concept.

Some examples of play canvas configurator that is similar to what I am looking for:

I can provide CAD files etc.

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I can help you out
Please reach me on skype:cis.am4 or Drop me mail at Hayden@cisinlabs.com