(PAID) Matterport transition effect

I am looking for somebody who can replicate the transition effect from Matterport as seen in this example: https://matterport.com/3d-space/pro2-southern-california-luxury-home/

When you go from one panorama to the next, there is this motion//movement between them.
Matterport uses simple geometry from the scan for that effect, which I have!
I can download the 3D model from the scan as well as panoramas from the Matterport homepage itself, it “just” needs to be programmed//setup in playcanvas.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at ri@wunderwerk.at



Looks like fade in/out with a tweenInOut motion between points from what I can tell.

Yes and no… the textures on the model dont have a very good quality so I assume they do projection mapping in realtime. So basically they project the panorama to the geometry then do a fade with movement… but I am not sure. If you wanna give it a try, I can provide example material (geometry and panoramas).

Hmm… I see what you mean. I was originally thinking you can get a similar effect just be fading in/out the panoramas alone but looking at it more closely, it doesn’t seem as simple as that :confused: