[PAID] Looking For Programmer


I’m looking for a programmer to help me create a very basic mini-game series. I’m bogged down working on another ue4 project and need want to get this done asap. It’s a personal project. Every week a new challenge will be released which is like a small arcade game (stop at the right time style). Your task will be more to do with creating the functions so I can build and create challenges quickly and easily.


Players need to press at the right moment to win.
Players have 3 strikes to win.
If a player loses they are knocked out.
If a player wins they will get + 1 point for the week.

The game has only 3 screens.

  1. The Menu
  2. The current challenge.
  3. The leaderboards and summary

Editor Functions
I need to be able to easily rotate sprites and adjust their speed.
I need to be able to easily move x y z sprites and adjust their speed.
I need to be able to easily set the “Win” hitbox, to appear on a timer.

More will come in time.

Other features.

RSS feed for when a new challenge is posted.
Login / sign up via conventional email and pw
Login / sign up via twitter and facebook
Share to Twitter, Facebook.
Facebook comments.
Leaderboard - Points players have from, high to low.
Sub leaderboard - Players who completed vs players who were eliminated based on time.
Player count
Main Menu
Server-side / playfab or firebase


Email me at casmedia.co@gmail.com

thank you.