[PAID] Looking for PlayCanvas developers

We are iXperiential Media, an elite team of multimedia operators with over 25 years of experience delivering incredible interactive and immersive experiences. We are looking for front-end web developpers that like to push the boundaries of what web can offer with technologies such as WebXR, WebGL and WebRTC. You will be responsible for implementing immersive web applications in JavaScript following existing UX/UI designs but we encourage creative solutions. You will write clean, documented, maintable code as well as pipeline tools and custom libraries. You will be mindful of load times, performances and responsiveness following internal guidelines. There will be a lot to learn, a lot of challenges and a lot of fun.

Key Skills/Experience needed:

2 years of experience building commercial web applications including support for mobile and tablets
Modern UI/UX design and implementation skills (HMTL5/CSS3)
Object oriented JavaScript programming
In-depth knowledge of PlayCanvas
In-depth knowledge of version control software (GIT)
In-depth knowledge of 360 videos and streaming video players (Video.js)
Comfortable with client/server architectures and RESTful APIs
Preferred stack : Node.js
Strong communication skills and ability to articulate complex and technical concepts to non-technical audiences

Would be nice:

Knowledge of at least one 2D JavaScript framework (Pixi.js, D3.js, Phaser…)
Familiarity with DynamoDB
Familiarity with deployment on AWS
Familiarity with WebSockets
Familiarity with WebRTC
Familiarity with a single page app frameword (Vue.js, React…)
Familiarity with a CMS (Drupal or WordPress)
ES6 development
Vanilla JS preferred over JQuery
Familiarity with packaging systems (Cordova, Electron…)
Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4

NO AGENCY / Contract based postion / Remote only / US Citizens or green card holders only

Please send your resume to jobs@ixperiential.com as well as links to your portfolio/GitHub/Itch.io page


Hello sir!
Hope you’re doing good.

PM sent pls check.


Thanks Luis! Email received.

Hello! We are still looking for US based developers! We pay well and we have fun projects!