[PAID] Looking for Playcanvas Developer (3D, multiplayer)

Thanks to valuable information in this community, our team were able to create game with simple multiplayer + chatting function.

We want to push it further, adding some more functions such as,

  • Multiplayer Functions
  1. Show other player’s ID above avatar, facing user’s side.
  2. Make other player’s looking direction recognizable (add model entity to other player’s camera direction)
  • Avatar Customizing
  1. Change ID (with UI window)
  2. Change avatar color (with UI window, maybe RGB picker)
  • Voice Chatting
  1. Add voice chatting
  2. Volume control by player to player distance
  3. Speaker & Mic on/off with UI button
  • Popup window for furniture descriptions
  1. Add aim on the center of screen
  2. Highlight furniture when it’s aimed
  3. Show furniture description popup window when highlight furniture was clicked
    (ref : vrallart.com)

We’re open to all kind work styles, Project based freelance / Outsourcing / Part time / Full time / Remote work / etc. Our team is located in Seoul, South Korea.

It is okay to take job with just part of tasks above. Knowledge covering all the function we want to add is not mandatory.

Thank you.

Hi @KyungseokMIN,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are an app and game development studio who specialize in WebGL experiences developed using PlayCanvas, and we are also skilled in modern web development using technologies such as Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Our team has been working with PlayCanvas for several years now, and have developed various 3D experiences, both independent as well as for several clients. Our work and more information about the organization is available at https://www.renegadelabstudios.com .

We have worked in the virtual event space prior to this as well, and have experience building products with similar features to the one you need(including real-time multiplayer, voice/video chat, 3D avatars etc), so we believe we can assist you with your requirement(s).

We would love to work with you on your project and hope to hear from you soon, you can contact us at renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com.