[PAID] Looking for developers (Multiplayer third person shooter game using PlayCanvas)

I am looking for developers to help me create a 3D, third person, multiplayer and shooter game using Playcanvas. (PAID)

Does anyone know how to create games of this type, want to work on this or someone who sells already created games?

Even if you do not make games of this type, I would like you to show me the games that you have created using PlayCanvas, as it might interest me.

Hi @Sweet,

My team and I could certainly help you out with this. We’ve been designing and developing 3D experiences and games for over 4 years now with PlayCanvas, and have worked with several well known organizations and startups, such as Koji Games, and Pietree Innovations. Could you please drop us an email at renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com, and then we could discuss further there? Alternatively, you could message me on skype (live:db7e561cc07a4f89), or even on the forums DM system - whatever works for you!

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards.

Hello @Sweet
Would like to work with you for 3D character
I have sent you PM
Please check

Still looking.

I could supply some benefits to your game, if you would like
I like 3rd person shooters