[PAID] Looking for a PlayCanvas Developer

Hi I have this project the problem here it’s that I have this menu that it loaded from a xml then when you click it sends you to a certain position but I need it to be progressively also not getting inside any wall following a trail.

Thanks in advance.

The menu

Maybe you can make your player entity a child of a new ‘center of gravity of corridor’ entity.
When you choose a item from the menue:

  • move player radial local to a place in the hallway
  • look up(down) corridor
  • rotate parrent center node
  • turn to office

this way you most like didn’t dash through any walls

br :cucumber:

Hmm sorry I don’t get it. What I want it’s something like this Camera following a path - PLAYCANVAS I do not know how to do it well that’s using my menu or a menu that does that

Your corridor is more or less an arc.
For moving along an arc You don’t need a complex path.
You can do that by a simple rotation…


Ok but the problem that I see it’s when I try to use setlocation in the update function I do not know how to multiply it with the time. Correct if I’m wrong but checking on that I must use a function that’s gonna be placed in the update section then with the time in the app it’s the one that’s gonna give me movement. But if there’s another I would like to hear it

thats what I would do :slight_smile:
it’s easy, and does what it should, so why not

many people here use ‘twening’ or ‘slurping’ ?

But every other here can explain better than me…

Hi. I do really need help with this and this is a serious job.

You can reach me by email: jalvarezpimiento@gmail.com
Or if you want discord: Julio.A.P#5640


what type of job?

I have a menu that it’s populate by a xml file, and creates entities that are buttons when you click on the player gets transported to another entity a box in this case, but my client doesn’t like that way he want to see that the player moving over there but we must not collide with the walls of the scene so I do not know how to do this I get the idea that it must go with in the update section of the script but I can’t figure it out how to do that or if I have to re-do all the menu.

I will think of a solution to this, what is the game link?
my account is Oofinz_official

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It sounds like you will need some pathfinding code/library so that the camera can take the shortest route to the destination.

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Made a very simple pathfinding in this fork: Office without any collision detection, but on first click it finds the right room :slight_smile:
With a second click it depends where you going :crazy_face:
But maybe it can inspire You a little bit…

Hi @Gurki! Because this is the Jobs section, @Julio_A.P is not looking for help but for someone that can do it for him. Only if you are interested you can contact him and maybe you can get the job.

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