[Paid] Implement Google Earth Gestures

We’re looking for an experience PlayCanvas developer to help us implement gestures in our interactive solution that are similar to what Google has implemented for Google Earth e.g. pan, zoom. If you have any experience in this field - feel free to contact me.

Is Google Earth gestures basically an orbit camera where the sensitivity goes down the closer you are to the Earth’s surface?

Something close to this? (this doesn’t have the ‘panning’ when it gets closer to the model) https://playcanv.as/p/lBg2rBGR/

I can share with you app made in Unity, just to show how the gestures should work - please send me PM with your e-mail / Skype, but basically something like on earth.google.com/web/


I can help drop me an email: victor.cisin20@gmail.com

Also add me over Skype: cis.victor1


We at Renegade Lab Studios have a diverse and experienced team who can help you out! Please write to renegadelabstudios@hotmail.com with the project details.