[PAID HELP] VR Multiplayer

Hi everyone,

I have my VR application done, but i do not know how to make players see each other.

The project is not complicated: i just want a person with a headset being able to see each other in the room, and interact with very few objects. Nothing about real time shooting or complicated things

Please if you are interested write to me to “canadaplaystore23@gmail.com” or respond to this message and we will discuss time and price in private (if you want something, if you want to help freely you can)


Just saying, as you have tried I guess you know coding, so you could share the code (maybe not the entire project) and we would try to help.

i have nothing about the multiplayer right now. Readed this before Real-time Multiplayer with Colyseus | Learn PlayCanvas , but not confident it is going to work.

I am running out of time, that is why i am asking for direct help and not consistently trying to do it myself as there are other parts of the project that need my attention.

So as i mentioned before if you or someone want to help me i willl be very glad. I say this because i am sure there are a lot of steps to take when making vr multiplayer and i cannot afford spending a week working on it

Ok, I understand.

Unfortunately I’m at the moment too busy. Did you try posting here?

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Moved post to jobs :slight_smile:

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yaustar moved it there.

Thank you both. If you know someone who might be interested please tell them :wink:

Hope you are doing well

As I have seen your post and I have 6 plus years’ of experience on this and I can do the job and I have read out all the requirements mentioned above and you can reach me out at mandy@techsolvo.com

Can we discus more on this?

Thanks& Regards

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Hi Mandy, thanks

I have answered you through gmail with the details