[PAID] Google Earth gestures implementation

We’re looking for an experience PlayCanvas developer to help us implement Google Earth gestures in our interactive solution. If you have any experience in this field - feel free to contact me.

What are ‘Google Earth gestures’? Are you saying that you want somebody to program the interactions for your PlayCanvas app that are similar to what Google have implemented for Google Earth? e.g. pan, zoom, etc?

Hi Will,
Basically, we are looking for a Playcanvas developer, to change how a user will be interacting with our solution. The way, which is currently working is to tap to select an object and drag to rotate around it, where the “Google Earth way” is drag to pan across the environment, rotate around centre view and scroll, pinch/zoom to zoom in/out.
If you know anyone who can help - please let me know,

@JuGLeR, I could definitely help you with this one. Please let me know the further details.