[PAID] FPS multiplayer creation

I am making an FPS multiplayer

1.Coders (menu, shooting, movement,(maybe)AI)
2.designer (environment, models, graphics)

Game description:

It is an fps multiplayer, obviously, with many different weapons, ARs, SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols,Snipers, etc.

It will have single player and multiplayer, with a very aesthetic menu.
I will make it as realistic as possible within 2 GB of space.

Pay will vary with the job

Hey, I can help with models, I am using a site called figuro.io, and with it I can made some things high poly, but cannot do textures for if I upscale things, so I would need helper to get the UV mapping so I can fix it. To add me, it is GauntAthlete910 (if does not work, do all uppercase for it, basically GAUNTATHLETE910)

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If that includes pay, can I work for free on it? I would rather help with things then be payed for them.

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