[PAID] Creation of an art gallery


Hello, I am looking for someone who knows PlayCanvas well. I would like to create a realistic virtual environment like an Art Gallery in order to place about fifteen paintings (pictures of paintings). I can of course pay the person.


I am PlayCanvas developer and developed two 3d games

You Check my games at:

Send me the details so that I can prepare a quote

email: arif@dumadu.com
Skype: arifali06


Try https://exhibbit.com/home/ and get the social site promo aspect as well. Quite cheap IMHO. Also edu pricing if that’s any use to you…


Looks quite expensive to me. PlayCanvas is free once you’ve published your app. Whereas that’s up to $50/month as long as your gallery is online. Yikes! Depends on how rich you are, I guess. :laughing: