(PAID) Creating a website similar in functionality to "HeroForge"

Hello Incredible Community of PlayCanvas,

I’ve been looking for some very talented people to help me bring my project to life and stumbled upon this great site. I am trying to create a website that has a functionality very similar to the site “HeroForge,” a Customization UI heavily inspired by video games that the client can use to customize their own 3D Model. That model in turn would be purchased, 3D printed into a figurine, and sent to the client. There is another central idea behind DITTO about what we will specifically be providing that i believe will make this an incredible and unique idea, but i would like to keep that secret. This requires a very unique skillset one of them being a very interesting process of making 3D Web Games in WebGL. I was wondering if there were any very talented Game Developers here that would like to help me in this endeavor. I’m composing a team of a Modeler, a concept artist, a game developer, and a 3D Printing specialist. This is likely going to be a big project with what I believe to be a huge payoff, you’ll understand why once i reveal the entire idea behind it.

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