[PAID] Consultancy + freelance dev

Hi all,

I’m Matt and I run MagpieXR, I am not one for theatrics so I will get on with it. I am putting a quote together for a truly monumental client that is based off building a new front end on to an existing API supplied by another company, and I am looking for someone to be in that quote.

Initial work would be paid consultancy for a day or two, ideally next week, to help assess the difficulty and scope of the project and then after that it’s all hands on deck if you are a fit.

I need you to know what you are doing with the backend, you won’t need to worry about anything to do with the front end build, just to make sure that the functionality, security, reliability and ultimately that the back and forth from their API to Playcanvas and the front end is working well.

People with the right experience only please, no chancers, this is a mega client and you need to know what you are doing with APIs/Security/Playcanvas.

-5+ years experience in what was mentioned
-experience with IOS/Android app dev is a plus for down the road
-remote or in office, your choice

If you are interested drop me an email mattg@magpiexr.com and we can have a chat and hopefully get you NDA’d and paid!