Overall scene appears blurry on build vs on launch

Hi guys,

I am facing a issue,
The overall scene appears to be blurry when I build the game using playcanvas and run it using the build link: https://playcanv.as/p/N38L4vpC/

Vs on launch, it is very sharp:
You can notice the logo on the tank as well as the other things,
I cannot give the launch link as the project is private, but I can add in the project.

Hi @Saad_Haider,

That is very strange indeed. No idea why it’s happening, though it’s not happening here. Trying your build url the logo is quite clear, same as your launch screenshot.

Did you try other browsers/devices when testing this build url?

Just for the sake of testing, try opening the direct link to your build in case the iframe somehow messes the resolution.


Hi @Leonidas ,

It is only happening on the Chrome browser, for other browsers it is working correctly
@yaustar did run some tests and there was a image diff between the launch and build link.

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Just tried it again today and it looks it my previous image diff was a couple of pixels off.

Did it again on Mac and there’s no difference: