Over writing Models issue

Hi Everyone
I am over writing some models with new UV coordinates and the new mapping isn’t showing up when I over write the old model by dragging the new FBX files into it’s folder

There was a GUI button to turn over writing on or off, but I can’t see it where it used to be on the top right side of the assets folder part of the GUI.

Could someone one point me to where it’s moved too?
Thanks ahead of time
Mike K

Are you referring to this?

That’s the one, I have it checked off and I am not seeing my UV’s update in my models, they work when I bring in a new version of it.

Thanks for pointing me to that, I do have over write model turned on, always do but wanted to double check,
I always used the little icon before :slight_smile:

Maybe something going on with the Engine?

It’s possible this is a bug - we deployed a large update a few days ago and are fixing some issues that appeared after the update. We are looking into this as well.

Thank you, I’ve seen this happening with textures and guessed that, I sent a support email too, thank you for the heads up

this issue has been fixed now. please go ahead and give it a try

Testing right now, will confirm in a a few minutes

Confirmed fixed.
Thanks for getting that done quickly!

Not yet but I believe we will have an update soon - these changes were mostly in our backend.