Other player rotation only rotates past a certain point

So i’m making a multiplayer game and i have a server and everything set up but when my players rotate the other player only rotates so much until they just rotate back. look below.


Hi @Granted! I’ve tested your project on my device and I don’t see anything wrong. The rotation is correct. Have you already solved your problem?

Edit: Nevermind, I see the issue now.

If you apply all rotation data instead of only the Y-axis, the problem is gone. I understand why you did not do this, so you need to find a workaround. I seen situations where also the X-axis and Z-axis is used to rotate the Y-axis and that’s probably the case here. I don’t understand why, so hopefully someone else can also take a look.

I dont want the player to completely fall over. i was going for the player looking left and right. I was also going to apply all rotation values to the players gun so the other player can view then guns rotation. This glitch was also happening in another game when all of the rotation values except z were being applied.

The orientation of an object is represented by all 3 of the rotation values to it being stored in a 3x3 transformation matrix.

You need to apply all 3 values to have the correct orientation

To pull euler angles out of rotation matrix, sin and cos are needed which is limited to giving results between -180 and 180. Therefore, all axes are needed to have the full orientation.

Maybe a solution is to set the X-axis and Z-axis back to zero after the rotation data is applied?

hmm ill try that