Other people in editor can't be seen

When me (kyle 3.1415) and (philip jeffrey) are on (br fox) game, br_fox can’t see us, but we can still chat back and forth. me and philip can see each other, but br_fox can’t see us. does anyone have any solutions?

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Are you on different scenes or branches?

I do not beleive so

Screenshot 2022-11-21 2.42.34 PM

So, when me and br-fox where on earlier, i got a no child entity error code that only i could see, but not br-fox. So i made a new root, and did the merge, but before that, br-fox couldn’t see any changes i made to the game, and still can’t.

I guess br-fox is in another branch. I have seen the error too, so that means that br-fox is probably not in the master branch.

The only problem is there is only one branch;

we fgured it out! he was still on the old branch!

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