Organization Plan - REST API

Hi, is it possible to code an application that takes a snapshot from the device’s camera and then save the photo into a database to be retrieved again? With regards to saving the photo, I would like it to save the photo the way Playcanvas saves for different compressions so that the photo is able to be displayed on all devices without error. If this requires me to purchase the Organization Plan, then I am willing to do it but I’ll need help with figuring out the code, that is, through relevant documentation.

I’ve got the snapshot working Now I need the saving and retrieval based on video game user account ID’s.


  • Anton

Yes, it is possible.

That’s a lot tricker. You will need to find various convertors to create the necessary formats and perform it on the server. I don’t know what they are offhand but there’s been a few posts where users have been trying to find the right settings/tools.

Then you have the other end of problem on how to load it from a server (there’s a recent post on the forums that has been looking into it).

Do you need to use the compressed formats though? Unless they are very large, you may not need it.

I may not need the compressed version at the moment. Can you send me the links, I’ll go from there.

Links to?