OrbitCamera conflicts with tween.js

I am a beginner of PlayCanvas, and when I was learning THWWN movement, I found that OrbitCanmerac was in conflict with it.

I tried a lot, but I couldn’t solve the problem by myself.
Here’s my problem case

I want to achieve the same camera movement as it what should I do.
Expect case

Any help appreciated.

What is THWWN?

Can you clip/video the expected camera movement from the expected case?

I am very sorry for the conflict between tween.js and OrbitCamera.

I can cut the video. Just give me a minute. Thank you very much

There is a conflict because the orbit camera code sets the position and rotation of the camera every frame.

If you are doing tweens, you will need to use the orbit camera API to reposition the camera.

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My intended effect

But as a matter of fact

Video doesn’t playback unfortunately

I’m new to PlayCanvas, so what do I do now? Thank you very much

Can you upload a gif or a video in H264 codec or a link to file share for the video to see the effect?

I’m still not sure what you are looking to do

Is it just the intro effect you want?

I’m sorry. I have to be ready, figure out what I’m going to say. This may take some time

Is this what you want?


Relevant code here: https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/978530?tabs=100878235