Orbit camera offset

Hello all,
is any way how to horizontaly offset orbiting camera like on the picture ? I need left side space for UI and right side for orbiting product.
Thank you for any advices.

Hi @Radek_HART,

I think this is an easy one, I would approach it like this:

  • create an empty entity and us it as the Focus Entity in the orbit camera properties
  • parent the child entity to that empty entity and offset it in the X axis (to the right per your picture)

The orbit-camera script will get the right distance and frame the entity, since it is a child to the focus entity. And the camera will orbit around the empty entity.

Sounds like you want to rotate the object rather than orbit the camera. Something like this? https://playcanvas.com/project/605293/overview/copy-rotation-example

Thank you for your advice. This is exactly what I need but with orbit camera…
Leonidas solution not works for me.
Here is exactly same question and any solution for ThreeJ:

Does it have to be the orbit camera? The orbit camera rotates the camera around the object whereas that problem from three JS forums is to rotate the object, not orbit the camera.

I found solution for ThreeJS engine, here is my Fidle - press Change button on the top.

That’s pretty much doing what my red gem example is but with additional pan and zoom controls.

You can look at the orbit camera controls and add it to the red gem example to get the complete solution.

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