Orbit camera and path camera in the same scene

Hi everybody,
I was wondering how to achieve camera orbit and following a path in the same time as we see in the i8 BMW project.

any hint?

Hi Tong,
Have you seen the BMW project? Did you see the camera orbiting around the car? meanwhile camera is moving around the car you can move the camera by yourself and then after a while you are not interacting anymore with mouse or touch the camera orbiting start again to make a circle path around the car? got it? Anyway, camera path is a script that you can use to make camera following a path inside playcanvas

It’s not really following a path. Using the current model viewer as an example, the camera position is controlled by the yaw, pitch and distance properties of the Orbit Camera script. The ‘path’ that you are seeing is just the yaw being auto advanced if it’s been idle too long.

You can do this by either modifying the Orbit Camera script or by adding another logic layer between the input controllers and the Orbit Camera.

Here is a quick and cut down example: https://playcanvas.com/project/561263/overview/auto-rotate-orbit-camera

@yaustar you rock man!!! Thank you so much for helping me!!!

Thanks man, appreciate it!