Open a web page by clicking an object

Hello I am new in playCanvas. I added something like annotations to a 3d human object. I want to open a web page by clicking on the annotations. Can somebody tell me if it’s even possible and if it is, to tell how can i do it.
Link to my project:

Yes it is possible. Use at the same point in code it does the pulse effect.

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Thanks it’s working perfectly but it is opening new tab. Is there any way to open a page in the same tab.

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Thanks, you are awesome! But I’ve got one more question. is it possible when hover a annotation to appear a description, next to the annotation, what it’s for.

Sorry for the late replay. I noticed that i can open the page only when I’m starting the project through the editor but when i try to embed it and open through my site it’s nothing happening or it appears a dialog box with text : “redirected you too many times.”

Link to the project: