Online Game with different skins you can use and other players see the skin

I would like to know how to make other skins for the player that they can get from another scene and then when they go in the game the other players will see that skin they picked

here is the game: that is the main menu scene but here is where the main game is at

thank you

Hi @Jack101 ,

For this, I would have a “skinType” variable for each player and that variable would be networked across all the players just like you send player position to other players, then using that variable I would know which skin to put on each player.

so how would the code look like im really new to coding and I copied the code from the multiplayer tutorial or do i just make an entity that would not enabled and put different colors on them but then how would i make the button that would change the skin or could you make a example of it with my script but different server and just add the different colors and show how it works please?