On your offer for helping out with game music

Continuing the discussion from Introduce yourself:

Hi my name is Hassan and I’m a hobbyist developer who aspires to someday start in the video game industry. I really loved your little interactive story and the music was really good, especially the first part.

I’m working on a little puzzle stealth game where you have to take a cube from point a to point b across many levels while avoiding enemy cubes. Since the game only has cubes as characters and environments, I intend on giving it a cute spacey/futury kinda look with bright lights and stuff.

Since you said you had a penchant for sci-fi and wanted to help with music, I wondered if you could help me with the game music, or at least just use your “ocean” part of your “utopia” track, just without the sounds of the crashing waves. When I heard that track, I immediately thought of the sounds you hear when you turn on a wii and navigate the main menu of the wii. So, I thought of using a charming sound such as that as background music for some levels. Except that the sound of the crashing waves suddenly make no sense in the context.

Anyways, this is just a playful hobby project of mine and who knows where it’ll go, but I am committed on turning it into a fully playable game which I’ll put somewhere online. If you’re interested just answer me here or email me at hassan.hayat7@gmail.com

Thanks for your inspiring music, it gave me ideas for my game,
Hassan Hayat