Omni Lights Causing Lag

Hello, my project has many omni light (I think around 80) this is causing lots of lag, and the lights play a large role in the map so removing them is not an option for me, are there any light experts that could take a look or give me tips to reduce the lag the lights give? Any help would be great, thanks in advance. Project PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

You can bake your lights to texture in Blender, or use PlayCanvas runtime Lightmapper:

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I cannot access blender, I will try my best to understand the runtime lightmapper, thank you.

Ok @LeXXik please tell me if i am doing this right, so first I set all the omni lights to bake lightmap and effect lightmapped objects, then I set everything in the scene to lightmapped and that should improve performance?

@LeXXik After lots of reading, I do not think I can use lightmaps because I have many batch groups, are there any other solutions?

This might help.

How do you use these lights? Do they have shadows enabled?
What platform are you testing on?

How do these run on that device?

These both have lots of clustered lights.
Make sure their radius is set to as small as possible … lots of overlapping lights is expensive.

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My lights do have shadows, but they are set to only render once. Those github links run fine on my device.

you project runs fine on my Mac too.

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