Ok what your name in playcanvas mate

Continuing the discussion from Helllo im here for some help with invetory this is coding i need help with inventory help on playcanvas invite me and ill invite u my name in playcanvas is admin322:

@daniel_barker Posting something like this is very vague as an inventory is not a straightforward feature to implement and there’s no example/visual of what type of inventory system you are trying to implement.

Start small and focus on incremental steps and ask for help on those steps. You are more likely to get an answer than saying ‘I need help’.

What is the problem you are having at this moment? For example, are you not sure what part of the engine to use? What inventory system are you trying to implement? What features will it need?

He can’t disassemble this feature for tasks and cover it.

im trying to implement a invetory but i dont know wish one to pick as u said

So it sounds like your first problem is design rather than implementation.

What do you want the inventory system to handle in the game? Are there any inventory systems that you’ve seen in other games that you would like to use? Eg. Diablo?

yes umm like minecraft invetory system