Offset of imported object axis, or of collider component

I politely suggest creating a solution to this within Playcanvas… many of the objects I’m exporting (from rhino or 3ds max) come into Playcanvas with an offcenter or far away axis… This is a major pain when encapsulating the object within a collision box. I am childing the object to a playcanvas native box, then using the box’s collider, and turning off the box model component so it won’t render. This works but adds steps (I have a bunch of 3d text that requires these steps for many individual colliders).

Perhaps there is a better way for me to attack this? it would be great if we had an interactive slider for XYZ for the collider or to reset the imported axis.


oh, and i’ll add that this makes instantiating entities via script a whole lot worse when there are a lot.

sorry guys, I saw that this has been discussed several times. I didn’t mean to add to the noise, feel free to delete this post.