Oculus Rift Support

So I attempted to integrate Oculus Support myself and have gotten really close, but I am not sure why my eye distance is off, not sure what setting from the HMD I might have wrong.

It seems like you PlayCanvas is adding support but would love to see this now, instead of using my current implementation which seems to be wrong.

Here is a link to my project.


TestMaze is the one that tries to integrate Oculus support using the Oculus bridge by Instrument ( GitHub - Instrument/oculus-bridge: A utility and javascript library to link the Oculus Rift with the web ), but I can’t seem to get things setup properly.

Any help from PlayCanvas team or other developers would be great.

We’re released our Oculus Rift plug-in now: Oculus Rift Plug-in Released

https://github.com/playcanvas/oculus-vr, I hope it’s still useful.