Object behind transparent object does not render, in certain angles


Why does this clip out?
I’m trying to make a clickable button behind a transparent plane. Its unideal when it is blinking when the camera is moving.

This is the same or similar issue as [SOLVED] GLB + info hotspot = weird clipping?

The added problem is that the UI elements are on currently on the UI layer as well so it’s always rendering AFTER the red plane that is on the World layer

Moving everything to the same layer (World) gives us the same problem as the thread that I linked above

Assuming that the red plane is always going to be on top, we create a new layer for it that always renders after the World layer.

And you get this: https://playcanvas.com/project/952449/overview/f-testproject

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Thanks that clears up alot.
I’m experiencing that the red color of the transparent plane becomes darker after deselecting the plane, after changing the assigned layer from World to the new one. What could this be?

You need to change the light so that it is also on the same layer as the plane

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