OBJ Model collision?

I using obj parser from this example PlayCanvas Examples and i need add collision to model but it doesn’t provides any scale property

Currently i use this code (collision not work)

Hi @Amkar,

I’m not sure what’s the issue, but here is a useful extension to debug your colliders visually. It may help locate the issue:

Other objects can’t collide with model

It not work with any obj model

It not work with any obj model

Collision doesn't seem to work - #2 by yaustar ???

Hi @Amkar! What have you already done to debug your problem? Did the solution in the topic your shared solve your problem?


I see you add a rigidbody component by script, but you don’t specify the type of it. A default rigidbody component is static, for non moving entities.

But i need static object

Why you need a static rigidbody? It looks like you move the entity by script. Maybe you can use a kinematic rigidbody?

I tried use some types of rigidbody but it still not work

Alright, can you share a link of your project so someone can take a look?