Obfuscator recommendations?

Hi there, I do understand that there’s no bullet proof way of preventing your app from rip-offs, but I was wondering what is the max I can get?

Perhaps you could recommend a obfuscator? Something else? I’m open to all ideas.

Hi @Newbie_Coder,

Yeah it’s quite impossible to fully protect a web based app. You can make it harder/less comfortable to potential hackers using an obfuscator like this:

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Perhaps there are paid services that would work as a pixel stream/web rendering so the users just interact with page (or screen in this case) and sends click coords, the service responds with appropriate render?

Open to ideas, whole business model depends on the app, while there is some important server-side stuff, the whole concept still lies in client-side. :thinking:

Have you considered using the server to validate the sensitive data from the client? This is called server authoritative, and is a typical solution to this.

Could you please give me an example? I’m not sure how that would work since it’s not a game, rather a tool, mostly everything happens on client side.

Perhaps start with what you’re trying to do, otherwise it’s hard to give you useful suggestions.

Manipulating entities.