Number of markers


how many augmented reality marker can i add in one project ?

I have only tested it with 2. More should be possible, but presumably a greater number of markers will require more CPU to detect.

i have 4 markers each one display a plane with a videoTexture when i add a 5th one it shows the video of the 4th marker it is somehow weird it looks like the maximum number of markers is 4

Some of the markers might be too similar to each other so it if this happens. It be worth isolating the two markers in question and try a sample project to see if that still happens.

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i have another question, do you know how to add more than one NFT marker in the project i tried running my project with NFT it works really great with one marker but since i added another one it showed an error “Compile with -s DISABLE_EXCEPTION_CATCHING=0 or DISABLE_EXCEPTION_CATCHING=2 to catch”

You have to ask the developers of the library that you are using unfortunately.

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