Not uploading assets correctly

I teach a class on Video Game design, students use Chromebooks I use a Windows PC.

We are following directions from a resource called Buzz.

We were tasked with downloading assets from Kenney and uploading into folders in the assets menu. We have tried drag and drop and using the “plus” sign to upload. We are able to upload assets one at a time properly. We are not able to batch upload several.

If we upload one FBX asset, it creates the new FBX folder with the GLB model and materials, etc. We are able to use it as an asset.

If we try to upload several assets, it creates a folder for each asset but they are empty. Is there a limit on how many assets can be uploaded? I’ve been unable to successfully follow the directions we’ve been given.

Import Hierarchy is off. Convert to GLB is on. This is a direction we’ve been given as well. I’m new to PlayCanvas and the students have little computer literacy. Please let me know what I can do to help them upload these assets as quickly as possible. Thank you.


we have rate limiting, so if you uploading a lot of assets, they will appear some time later. Can you please double check that assets uploaded later?

How long does it take typically?

Will they be fully uploaded when the orange bar is gone, but hey are processing? I just need to know if my students need to keep their Chromebooks open so the upload continues.


laptop could be closed after asset uploaded, the processing will continue on the backend.