[NOT PAID] Need Coders/Designers

Hello! I need a coder/designer for my multiplayer game (work in progress)
Things you have to be:

  1. Coder
  2. Designer
  3. Please don’t say ‘I want to help’ and your not going to help.

https://playcanvas.com/project/771578/overview/guns-blazing There is the project, nothing is there yet since im starting to do something right now.

I would enjoy being a designer for this team! Btw I am also working on an fps game (i am not asking 4 help)
Hi! I have a couple of questions.

  1. what game type is this?
  2. is there any deadlines or time limits?
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  1. It is a 3d multiplayer shooter kind of like venge.io
  2. yes time limits also like venge.io there is a timer until the timer goes out

I used to play that!
by time limits I meant do I have a certain amount of time to do the designing bc I am also still in middle school.

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Uh, im in year 7 (this is uk) so secondary school.
But I don’t really mind when your active if your only doing this.

  1. atleast active for 30 minutes to an hour each day
  2. you can have breaks for 2 days
  3. for the breaks you can do 1 day break lets say tomorrow then another time again and each 2 weeks its a 2 day break

or like 1 hour to 2 hours would be pretty good also because when i go to school in person starting next wednesday then im on for about 2 hours

same, i am also in 7.
The schedule sounds pretty good to me, but maybe a day longer break sometimes so I can do some work on my own game which I am trying to finish by summer.
Is that okay?

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Ok then breaks are 4 days!

What is your name so I can add you?

Thank you so much!
What should the first map be?

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  1. What is your name? so i can add you?
  2. I would like a map kind of like winter form of shipment? (call of duty modern warfare one)

does it have to be my real name? Try just Stink Head, if not, try it again but with an underscore instead of space. If not stlll, try HandsomeBoy476 That is my usual username.

What do the graphics look like? are they realistic or cartoonish or what? I never player Cod that much. I am not familar with that map

Graphics are going to be realistic, since im a very much cod fan but since your not familiar with that map, I would actually like kind of big construction area since it will be 12 v 12! (with houses)

I think I can do that. I will do that in a diffrerent scene for so I can Make the lobby.

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Ok, one question

  1. Do you know how to do realistic graphics?
    It’s fine if not because one of my team members know how


mine is a sci fi fps.

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what do you think?
Is that good enough for you?

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Pretty nice! You coded everything?