Not being able to use my imported terrain

i have the basic mechanics of my game down,and am planning to make the the terrain for such a game,however there are several problems.first of all i have an obj file but when i implement the model into the game it dissappears.then,it will just make the player faze throught it and fall forever.i want to make a desert area so do you have any tips on how i could acheive this?

Can you share the project with the terrain please?

The file is in the skybox folder titled terrain

A couple of issues with this:

The model has been exported at an odd angle, almost upside down

It’s 999999 triangles which is A LOT and cannot be used for mesh collision for physics. The max limit for physics is 65,535 triangles AFAIK. You have to use a simpler mesh for collision.

Scale has to be uniform on the entity for mesh colliders (ie the same number on each axis for scale)

Here’s an example project of the terrain rendering in the Editor but as mentioned before, it cannot be used for a collision mesh so the player will fall through it