Not assigning an animation breaks the new anim component

Hey, im trying to an anim state graph with an empty first state (no animation assigned). Unfortunately this breaks the whole anim component. No animations are played, but no error is thrown.

Here is a screenshot of what im trying to do:

I also tried adding just an empty state without any transitions. This also breaks the anim component:

Are states without an assigned animation not supported?

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yes, I believe if you don’t have an animation assigned, the anim component is inactive.
What would you expect to happen when no animation is assigned on a state that is active? What should the character display as … should it use default pose?

Perhap we just need some warning in the inspector. Or even warning message when play is called from the script on the anim component that is not set up properly.

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I’m expecting it to basically do nothing then. So default pose. Maybe previous pose if i am transitioning to an empty state. I think that is how Unity handles it.

My use case is this:
I want to show an exploded view of a 3D model. Somthing like this:

I have 2 Animations (FlyOut/FlyIn). Somehow i have to start in a default pose though.

EDIT: I guess i could add an animation with just the default pose and one keyframe, but thats rather inconvenient.

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The anim component is indeed inactive if any of it’s states are unset. The underlying animation system depends on animations being present in a state for blending purposes. Blending to a T pose isn’t something that’d be trivial to achieve right now as we’re not currently storing any canonical version of a model’s pose.

You’ve already suggested a decent workaround which will resolve this issue. For the time being I think we should consider making the messaging clearer on the anim component.

I’d like to support this request.
Having empty states (like in Unity) would be REALLY helpful.


@stan - create a feature request issue here please, it sounds like a useful functionality: