Not able to launch from project launch tab opens but there is no playcanvas loading screen

I am not able to launch project from editor when i click on launch no playcanvas loading screen is there and it shows only a gray screen. This is happening from yesterday night

Is playcanvas down?

Had a quick look on our side and I’ve been able to launch projects with no issues. Is this still happening for you?

We’ve had no other reports of PlayCanvas being down during this period.

Is it only on this project or other projects as well?

Do you have any error messages in the browser dev console?

This problem was there until now its fixed for me now. And this problem was there for every project even a blank project and there were no error message.

I also noticed this problem on a project last week.

I will check with the team tomorrow and see if we can see anything from our logs.

If this does happen again in the mean time, any error messages or network issues in dev tools will really help us

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Hello, the same thing happened to me. I recommend that you change your browser. In my case, I was using Microsoft and Google, but it was going wrong, now I use Firefox.