Not able to edit JS code while debugging


I am not able to edit the JS code in code editor when I put a breakpoint in browser tools during run-time. May be that is possibly because of the feature of instant update.


If the browser tools stop on a breakpoint in one tab then the rest of the tabs are going to be stuck too. This is something that generally happens in browsers it is not PlayCanvas related.

If you need the other tabs to be responsive you will have to use a different method to debug like console.log at various points in your code to see what’s going on for example.

Hi Vaios, appreciate your answer. But, only the playcanvas script and editor tabs become unresponsive.

I’m not entirely sure how this works but I think it has to do with the way that each tab is opened. If you open for example a script by clicking a button / link from the Editor then if you place a breakpoint in the code editor it will also freeze the tab that opened it. If however you copy paste the Code Editor link and open it manually in another tab it will not freeze the Editor tab as they are now unrelated.

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The reasoning is that browsers do share same thread process for javascript execution between tabs that been opened one from the other.
As @vaios suggested, manually opening tab with link - does the trick of making sure tab process is new.