Non uniform scale and random frames for particles?

Would it be possible to have separate control for X and Y axis in the curve editor for the scaling of particles?. I think it will add a lot of flexibility to make some animations.

Also, when using an atlas with multiple frames for the particle emitter, it would be great to use random frames of the atlas but don’t animate them, so if I want to animate an explosion I can have different sprites of rubble in the same particle emitter.


Can you not already this by having an animation length of 1 and random start indexes?

We can put this in an engine feature request but realistically we are unlikely to add any next features to the particle system in the short/mid term unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply @yaustar !

using random indexes isn’t working for me, the emitter always pick the start frame

Can you share that test image texture please?

Sure!, here is it


Project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Your frame count should be 1 as it’s 1 frame per ‘animation’ and number of animations should be 6

great!! thanks for the help Yaustar!!!