No Search Button On PlayCanvas Explore Page

Why isn’t there a search button on the Playcanvas>Explore webpage?

Is it just me or wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search for relevant projects? :slight_smile:


Please see this thread: Any plans for a search engine in PlayCanvas?

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see this is a wanted feature by lots of people in the community, why isn’t this higher on your priority list litterally every other publishing game engine has it, if you can post games on it, you should be able to search for games

This is because we’ve only had a handful of people request this. Compared to requests/bugs/features regarding the engine and editor, this is unfortunately low in priority compared to everything else that is in progress which includes:

  • Updating the engine to support WebGPU
  • Shader Graph Editor
  • Sub project version control (Linking projects · Issue #340 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub)
  • Improve support of glTF extensions
  • An official visual debugger at in the launch tab (rather than my hacky devtools)
  • UV1 unwrap for GLB assets
  • GLB import support for the Editor
  • Public REST API for version control functions
  • Editor Plugin support
  • etc

As much as we would love to add all feature requests, we are have to prioritise accordingly


:frowning: it makes browsing playcanvas so hard to do tho :frowning:

Use the search query listed here Any plans for a search engine in PlayCanvas? - #4 by yaustar

If you want to make it even easier, setup a keyword search for it in your browser. How to add keyword to bookmark in Chrome? - Super User