No reflection despite glossiness map (pbr workflow)

Hello (again) friends !
One of my coworker is having an issue related to a glossiness map : where we should have reflection we … don’t.

The map is correctly inverted (from roughness to glossiness logic), the material is correctly set with both diffuse map (the colorfull one), and the glossiness map (the reflection should be on both the logo and the green text).

We made a new, clean project with only the mesh and it’s associated textures, and a skybox.
The only scripts are for the orbital camera and the mouse inputs (moving around the static object).

We simply do not understand the issue.
Link to the project : here.


Hi @nooxouille ,

You can try pre filtering the cubemap:
Screenshot 2022-04-05 142018

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Hi @nooxouille,

I think the issue is you don’t have any lights in your scene to do reflections?

Here is with a simple directional light, and prefiltering the cubemap as @Saad_Haider said:

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Aaaaaaalright, we made a mistake, the map used in the project wasn’t the right one because of a naming mistake on our side (I’ve uploaded the correct one, where the logo and “ErgoDistrib” text got the reflective effect).
I’ve pre-filtered the cube map, firefox crashed (apple silicon, FWIW), I’ve put a spot light right on the card, and set the glossiness to 100 aaaaaaand, it’s working.

We’ve been lured by the fact that the directional light do not reflect on the map, but the spot light is.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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Nice! Though I’d expect the directional light to reflect under the right angle. Maybe try playing with the rotation of the light/camera to get that.

Yep, gotta work on the composition :slight_smile:

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