"No man's sky" remake

Life: Among the Stars

Role Required: Artist/developers

My Role: Programmer/lead developer

My Previous Projects: N/A

Team Size: 5 (including myself)

Project Length: 6 months

Compensation: Full credit for your role in development in credits section

Project Description: Life: Among the Stars is an ambitious open-universe survival game set in a vast, procedurally generated galaxy. Players will explore diverse planets teeming with unique life forms, from exotic creatures in oceans to surreal plant life in lush environments. The game features a dynamic ecosystem and adaptive DNA genome system that allows organisms to evolve over time. Please note that while the planets and all models are currently low-poly, they provide a charming and stylized aesthetic that adds to the game’s appeal. Additionally, the plant organisms are not fully functional yet, but they utilize DNA, reproduce, and spread across their planets. We have also implemented a generating system for low-poly terrain on planets, further enhancing the immersive experience. Join our team on the discord, as we work to bring Life: Among the Stars to life, and help shape the future of this game’s development!

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I do already have a modular DNA that uses genomes (characters 1234 etc) to generate and determine traits of certain plants, I can only do so much as a solo dev, so they are currently limited to trees. I also have a simple (2D) system alike to the DNA of plants but traits with speed and so on, I am going to make this system into 3D, and give the script positioning attributes to help it become 3D modular, as currently it is very very simple for 2D. I would very much appreciate ANYONE who could help for even 5 minutes a day, as currently I am modeling, making music, learning and coding, all doing this solo.